Decarbonization & carbon capture technology

Tim Howard

September 28, 2023 6:00 PM
667 Howe Street

Did you know that we emit over 37 billion tonnes of CO2 worldwide every year? That's 9.81 billion tonnes more than in 2000. Join France Executive Circle on September 28 at 6pm at 667 Howe Street for "From Carbon to Cleantech: Accelerating the Decarbonization Journey", a presentation on decarbonization and carbon capture technology, hosted by Tim Howard, Marketing Director of Carbon Engineering Ltd. Carbon Engineering is a Canadian clean energy company developing revolutionary carbon capture technology to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The event will be in English.

About Tim Howard

Marketing Manager, Carbon Engineering Ltd

Tim Howard is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for connecting people with the tools and technologies that shape the world's biggest industries. 

Currently, Tim is Marketing Director at Carbon Engineering Ltd, a Canadian clean energy company that removes carbon dioxide from the air using a revolutionary carbon capture technology and a second technology that synthesizes it into clean transportation fuel.

Tim works closely with the technical teams to fully understand the products and effectively communicate their value to customers, drawing on an extensive engineering background and practical experience in software development.

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